Hi, I’m Lisa Shea…

Sitting politely in the church pew…used to be my story.

Regular attendance, volunteering…the whole nine yards. I was doing what every good Christian is supposed to do, RIGHT?

But let’s be honest, it was a religious routine, not a relationship.

Along the way, God got ahold of me, my whole world changed as I came to really KNOW HIM, I realized there is SO….MUCH…..MORE…to our Christian Faith.

Today…I walk in the Power of the Holy Spirit grounded in Scripture and Teach others to do the same.



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Authentic Christian Life

I help Believers understand WHO GOD is based on His Word, which then makes seeing Him in our Daily Lives so much easier.
— Lisa Shea


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Lisa is a gifted teacher of the Word, communicating with the practical wisdom and humor that comes from living with authenticity. Her credibility as a woman who has lived and breathed the message of respect, combined with her passion to share it with others and her unflappable faith in a loving God, makes her unstoppable! I am honored to call Lisa a friend and proud to endorse her as a speaker of Truth.
— Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, President Love & Respect Ministries
Dr. Emerson Eggerichs of Love & Respect Ministries


How I stumbled into the Power of God…

…as my Marriage was crumbling…

My Story….of real life with God…as He was dropping little miracles one at a time…and I finally got it.

Filmed at Destiny Worship Center in Florida….


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Are you waiting for God to move mountains in your life?

Patience may be required.

I’ve been there….

My new book How to Wait Well is focused on intimacy with God in the waiting.

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Let’s have fun!

Walk through my Devotional with me!

Lisa Shea’s little gem, ‘How to Wait Well’, is full of hard-won wisdom, spiritual truth, and a heart that longs to revere Jesus. Each day you’ll receive a nugget of wisdom, along with a powerful prayer. A great way to spend 30 days!
— Mary DeMuth, author of 'Jesus Everyday'

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